9 of Wands

a tarot card spread using a "vampire deck" and focusing on the 9 of Wands

9 of Wands

This time for you is defined by the strength of your will. In a time of uncertainty, your moral compass is a constant. While others choose convenience and self-serving choices, you walk the true path.

The clarity you walk with today has been hard won. You have grappled with difficult alternatives and had the courage to transition from situations and relationships that were unfruitful into new, healthier and more sustainable circumstances.

Your future will continue to be defined by your strength of will as you integrate your life in new and creative ways that others will be inspired by. You will need to have the strength to avoid easy choices in the future, even familiar, comfortable choices, to stay true to your hard-earned vision.

Yours is a deeply charismatic soul. But you must be careful to avoid the road to egotism and narcissism. If you can let your charisma flourish without becoming self-indulgent you will attain the happy home that you seek. Literally a happy home, and also the internal sastaifaction of a life well lived.

Trust in your inner voice. Know that you know. Avoid the path of self-indulgence, but never doubt the strength of your voice. You are strong. Let the world hear you sing.

a tarot spread focusing on the 9 of wands and with key concept words superimposed over the cards, as listed in the text below this image

9 Wands – strength of will
2 Swords – alternatives
Temperance – balance, middle way, gestalt
Death – transition & transformation
Knight Cups – Union & Reunion
King Wands – charisma, ego
9 Pentacles – happy home