Nostradamus-512-sepiaI am your humble servant, Michel Nostradamus. Some find me not humble. Some find me a great see’er. I believe both are false. Perhaps it is not that I see further than other men. Perhaps it is that I allow less to obfuscate my vision. I will never tell you something simply because you want to hear it. I will only tell you the truth. Sometimes this is inconvenient.

I believe my readings have been remarkably prescient. Still, no truth can be determined for certain that concerns the future.

I have begun this 1560 year with a travel from Paris to Florence. Unfortunately the journals of this travel have been lost, or stolen, or possibly destroyed. I am working to recover them, or to recreate as best I can portions that may be irrecoverable.


Remember that our future is fluid. If it were not, there’d be no point in living.

I believe we have Free Will. I believe we have Agency.

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