Oracle card spread with a main card of "Ecstasy"


Your current situation is lived fully. You are intensely aware and awake. You are finding your way into the zone and discovering your own flow. The flow of nature, the flow of your life, your ability to be deeply focused yet also relaxed. To understand the nature of your surroundings in an intuitive way. You are moving toward peak efficiency.

To find your way to this fluidity of ecstasy you have sacrificed in the past. You have built character, but perhaps you have endured more than necessary. You have been reluctant to call for help and at times this has made you walk the roughest path. It has been the road less traveled to be sure, but you’ve grappled with bumps and jolts and it has taken time to reach this current state of ecstasy. By letting others in more readily and more simply, you can more effectively find the good things in life in the future.

As your current ecstatic state moves into the future your power will continue to grow. This will be seductive and others will be powerfully drawn to you. This represents tremendous new possibilities, but it can also represent a nightmare of over-connections with some people and activities that are distractions. Saying “yes” is a powerful thing. A desirable thing. But you may need to start saying “no” in order to maintain your focus.

For all the power you possess today and will continue to grow into even more tomorrow, there is a core of jealousy within you. As you have sacrificed you have seen others be rewarded more effortlessly. You have seen some who are less talented be rewarded for their posturing. Accept the power that you possess today and try to release any resentment that may linger. The more simply your internal life can be lived the more authentic and relatable you will be to others. In the seductive power of your persona others will find a genuine witness for our time. Your possibilities are limitless. You are close already. By releasing any past resentments and focusing on your truest instincts you will shine ever more brightly. You will inspire many.