Free Will

eDivination photo of a card spread

Free Will

Yours is a journey of empowerment. Today you strive to be your own person. To live as a being of free will. In the past you have had the presence of a resurrection. While beautiful this anchoring to generations before you may have slowed your discover of your deepest self, and and of the experience you cultivate today. Your past faith has slowed your movement from the you of the past to a new evolved self.

In the future your journey to independence, self-discovery, and enlightenment may cast you as something of an Anti-Hero. You will be courageous. But like Lazarus with his sun-singed wings, you may be held back by an awareness of the potential risks and dangers. In time you will push past these reservations to discover your truest, most empowered self.

At your core is your powerful awareness of the transitory nature of living things. Living things like people and relationships but also of smaller phases of our lives. Your innate understanding of this has been long-earned by your struggle for independence and self-actualization. Those out in the world may sometimes perceive the raw intensity of your presence in the context of a witness to difficult events. Perhaps it is not so much that you have witnessed dramatic things, but that you are, at core, not afraid to face the complexities and changes inherent in living in this world.

There is great power throughout your reading. Continue to work through past constraints placed by others as well as your own fears to realize your truest, deepest, most powerful self. You may have an unassuming quality, but those who come to know you will appreciate the depth of your presence and power.