Princess Isabella

After a month-long journey from Paris, today I found Princess Isabella riding in the woods just south of Florence. She is a remarkably vivacious 17-year-old young woman. She is as beautiful as she is smart. Cover of Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi's book "Isabella Orsini" Her love of the arts, and her humanist perspective sparkle through her spirited talk of modern times.

This was for me quite a strangely awkward meeting. My policy of absolute truth generally shields me from such compromising circumstances. Yet at Queen Catherine’s insistence I did not give her the reading I was sent to deliver on our first encounter. She seemed to sense that there was more I was not telling her. And while our conversation was inspired, my departure seemed awkward under the burden of things not said.

I don’t know when I will at last be able to deliver this reading to her. But I am in Florence now. It is a small city. How hard can it be to find a princess?