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Bambi Ford, Success Reading, July 2017

Bambi Ford - Career Reading - July

Hello Bambi!

Thank you for requesting your July Career Reading. As you will see below, this month will be the time for you to cut useless cords to the past, walk over people you can use, and seriously claw your way to the top. I did find one snag: you must also be charitable!? Don't panic, you can do this.

Here is my reading. LMK if you have any questions or require any clarifications.

Have a prosperous month Bambi.

Bambi Ford Tarot Card Career Reading for July 2017

Card #1 - The Heart of Your Current Situation

10 Wands

The Heavy Load card. This career shit is really weighing you down. You need to make things easier on yourself. Quit helping people who can't help you. Be more ruthless. Learn to use people to advance your career or you'll be sad like this overworked mermaid forever.

Card #2 - Past Issues Still on Your Back

8 Cups

The Walk Away card. You're Bambi flippin Ford! People would kill to have what you have. So? Just because others wish they could be as hot as you doesn't mean this current gig is working out for you. Let them call you nuts: it's time to walk away. Don't be afraid to cut the cord. Burn the bridges. Make a clean break and go find your destiny.

Card #3 - Your Goals for the Future

4 Wands

Wedded Bliss! Now we're talking. Once you have the guts to cut loose from all that crap of the past, you can navigate clearly to a much better future. This is great news. Lets see what else is in store to help you reach this awesome future!

Card #4 - Resources You Bring

Queen Swords

The Ruthless Bitch card. Geez! Why don't we just call it the Bambi Ford card!? It's clear that you have the power, the strength, the cold heart, to make your dreams come true. Unleash your inner narcissist and take over this stoopid town!

Card #5 - Actions You Must Take

6 Pentacles

Aw shit. This whole reading's been heading toward you kicking ass and taking names. Unfortunately you just drew the Share Stuff card! Apparently you can't actually reach your goals by just being Bambi monster. Sorry. Looks like you're going to have to actually care about other human beings. Tough draw, I know. But try to build community. Don't feel too bad, you can still focus your charitable efforts on sexy people.

Card #6 - Other Shit Biting at Your Butt

Knight Pentacles

The Earth Traveler. Kind of back to the 10 of Wands thing. This town is too much. Take a spa day. Get the hell out of this town's rat race and chill. Come back ready to walk over a pile of corpses on your way to the top.

Card #7 - People You Must Walk Over to Reach Your Goals

3 Pentacles

The Maker Card. Oh Bambi! You're terrible. You use the below the line craftspeople who make everything happen. They do the work, you take the credit. You'll burn in hell one day, but you're assured to become the Hollywood royalty you've always dreamt of being.

Card #8 - Using Your Lover to Advance Your Career

The Hermit

Please don't go Hannibal Lecter on us Bambi. I think you already did this in your Cribz video anyway. Apparently you leverage lovers as stepping stones to the top and then leave them in the desert. You're heartless Bambi. I like you.

Card #9 - Your Career Path

5 Swords

The Sucker Punch card. We saw this coming, right? You will fight, lie, cheat, and backstab your way to the top. You were made for this town Bambi. A million years of evolution and what do we get? Sharks. And Bambi Ford.

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