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8 of Pentacles

8 of Pentacles

The Present

Your spiritual life is currently balanced, but stagnant. It's not that things are bad, but you long for more. For something deeper, richer, and ultimately more fulfilling.

The Past

In the past you have prospered on the fruits of your brilliant mind and your ability to think clearly and decisively with others. However you have been frustrated that your compelling ideas have not turned into successful ventures. You feel like your professional or personal life should be more advanced or successful by now. That you've worked hard and done the right things yet not seen the results you feel you deserve. Or not seen the results that others who seem to have tried less have received.

The Future

In your future I see time off the treadmill. It is time to worry less about the success or expectations of others and to spend time trying to understand in a very personal, simple way, what your truest, deepest goals are. You can accomplish all you desire. But you can't fulfill yourself by seeking the goals of others. Or the approval of others. First, know yourself! You will need to spend some introspective time. Some "wandering" time. But remember that all who wander are not lost. Also that sometimes it is worth taking the road less traveled simply because it is less traveled.

I also see an alternate future for you. A future filled with great, almost overwhelming love and companionship. Perhaps through the journey of discovering and expressing this love you will similarly come to understand your most individual and innermost goals.

Will it be a solitary wandering on your road to self awareness? Or a journey with a soulmate? This will be a test of your charisma. Will you choose an extroverted embrace of community and harmony in bonding with another? Or a solitary journey of self-discovery? Both paths are right and good and noble. It is up to you and how you choose to face this Northern Hemisphere Winter, or Southern Summer.

Inner Life

The Daughter of Swords suggests that your inner life is rich, powerful, vibrant, and inspired. Yours is a youthful wisdom. You are powerful, but even more, you are inspired. You delight at expressing yourself and exploring new avenues.

The Perception of Others

In spite of your current sense of stasis, of your future journeys, and of your inner youthful inspiration, the 4 of Pentacles suggests that others perceive you as wise and successful. Your community values you and whatever relationships and journeys of self-discovery you may embark on, you should maintain your connections to the many people who weave the robust tapestry that is your presence in the community.

The Deck

Ian Daniels: Phantasmagoria: The Tarot of Vampyres

Card / Position

  • 2 Swords / past
  • King Pentacles / past issues
  • 8 Pentacles / present
  • The Hobo (The Hermit) / The Future
  • 10 Cups / Alternate Future
  • 4 Wands / fulcrum of the future
  • Daughter Swords / your inner life
  • 4 Pentacles / the perception of others