All I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Two of Wands

The Present

You exist today as a charismatic being. You walk your path in harmony and balance. This is a time of discovery for you as you strive to take your talents to new and higher heights.

Mary-El tarot

The Past

Blue Moon. Nocturnal animals. In the past you've sought your own way. Not a conformist you've gained strength from the fluctuations of heavenly bodies. Influences too fine for many to notice, but you have noticed. While others sleep poorly in the stale air of their box home-prisons you have run with the hunt. Your soul is youthful, yet ancient. You are a child of the moon.

The Past: The Moon; past issues: Knight of Petacles

Childlike, you have played with great powers. Because these relationships have come easily to you, you have not always realized the power of the forces you've tapped into. At times the electricity has been more than your young body was prepared for. You have been burned. You can be hesitant. You can be afraid. But you also know that the Moon power beckons you, and you usually find a way to keep running in spite of your now more complex knowledge.

The Future

As you continue your journey your future will find you seeking balance. From one divine source you will swim through many streams. In the future you might focus on the balance itself, dedicating yourself to finding a flexible strength, or you might focus more externally, building nurturing communities.

What precisely your future path will be will be determined by the force of your own will. As you continue to express yourself in this world you will choose a path that best plays to your strengths.

Inner Life

You are on a journey. This is not a path you have walked before. Yet you are not alone. In some ways we are always alone, yet we are also never alone. Sometimes angels pick you up off the ground. Sometimes angels offer you a drink of water. It's hard to know where this journey will lead or how long it might take. Your goal is less about finishing the journey and more about being fully alive as you walk through this life. You will encounter others as you go. You will change them. They will change you.

The Perception of Others

Although your path is unknown to you, you walk with confidence and others perceive this. They may well perceive you as more sure-footed than you are. They bask in your charisma and they trust in your leadership. Be careful not to abuse this faith. But also don't shy away from it. People want to believe in you.

The Deck

Marie White: The Mary-El Tarot

8-card tarot spread focusing on the 2 of Wands

Card / Position

  • XVII The Moon / past
  • Knight Pentacles / past issues
  • 2 Wands / present
  • 5 Cups / The Future
  • XIV Temperance / Alternate Future
  • 3 Wands / fulcrum of the future
  • 6 Swords / your inner life
  • VII The Chariot / the perception of others