All I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Seven of Water

The Present

7 of Water. You are one with the sea currents. You are a creature of the land. Yet like the great sea mammals you dive into the ocean and swim in harmony. Your body glides with the currents and other fish escort you through your water journey. Still, you are an air breather. And you must eventually leave this amniotic embrace to join with others who walk the land. How will this transition go? This is the present question. Can the love, balance, and harmony you find in your comfort zone carry through to other souls and places?

The Past

You come from a place of Intuition. But you've also struggled at times. You've had questions. Too many questions? Have you overthought things? Unnecessarily complexified your natural, intuitive gifts? It can be easy to overthink things. Yet to think critically and clearly is also a powerful and valuable thing.

The aquatic harmony you experience today is the result of your courage to work through the analysis of that which always seemed natural to you. Perhaps you have arrived at a place not so different than the one you started at. Still, even if it looks the same, it is a new moment for you. You've walked, or swum, a real journey to achieve the simplicity and harmony of the vision you hold today. Take a breath, you've done good work!

The Future

Your future holds knowledge. The continuation of your journey from Intuition, grappling with Thought and introspection, through the harmony of the ocean currents you experience today, and into a deep, powerful, and truly earned experience of Knowledge.

Alternately, in the X of Fire you find yourself possessing enormous, powerful charisma. You will be a force to be reckoned with. When you speak, people will listen. Both of these futures are powerful manifestations of the lifelong work you have done and the lifelong journey you have walked and swum with courage. One future focuses on the depth of your knowledge in a more intimate way, and the other is the power of your persona expressed in the social sphere.

What will determine your path among these alternate futures? The 4 of Earth. The harmony of your relationship to the land and to your physical existence. Will you choose a more nested existence of deep knowledge? Or will you journey constantly to express yourself in the larger culture? The honesty of your soul and how you choose to be in this world will illuminate your path.

Inner Life

Queen of Earth! After all the work you have done your inner self is confident and solidly grounded. You take care of yourself and those in your world. It is a life of service and deep satisfaction. You don't know how to live any less fully and completely.

The Perception of Others

Others do perceive the rich community, social, and physical organization you strive for. Yet while they understand and appreciate you, they do not perceive the full depth of your being. What has been a life-long journey of self-discovery, introspection, and commitment to others for you, seems simpler and easier to those in your world. Still, they do see you as a builder who creates community. But only a precious few will appreciate the true depth of your love. The true depth of your commitment.

The Deck

Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

Card / Position

  • XXII Intuition / past
  • XVIII Thought / past issues
  • 7 of Water / present
  • IX Knowledge / The Future
  • X of Fire / Alternate Future
  • IV of Earth / fulcrum of the future
  • Queen of Earth / your inner life
  • 3 of Earth / the perception of others