Queen Catherine asked me to perform a reading for her niece Isabella. She offererd me a coach, but I declined. So I walked from Paris to Florence. 1,112km. 3-4 weeks of walking.

The year is 1560. It is a year of so many possibilities. Yet my mission is to tell the bright and charismatic, teenage princess, and future First Lady of Florence, that because of her gender her life is to be brutally cut short.

I think I have become dehydrated.

Suddenly I am in a forest.

Speaking in world salad.

My brain struggles, but cannot find, the words. I hear myself speaking nonsense. It is almost funny. Almost. I cannot force my brain to select relevant words. My brain is teasing me. But it is not a joke.

And so I continue walking South. And East.

This is a diary of my journey. People met. Readings given. Thank you for visiting.

Creative Commons Attribution, 1560